VANCOUVER -- The provincial government gave its annual throne speech Monday, revealing what the NDP plans to prioritize over the next year.

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped much of the party's agenda, but other items linked to campaign promises also made the list.

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Here's a quick look at 10 highlights.

1. Vaccine plan: More than one million people have been vaccinated in B.C., and the province hopes to finish its "largest-ever immunization program" ahead of schedule.

2. Health care: The province promises to address issues with long-term care, surgery wait times and access to urgent care and hospitals.

3. Economic recovery: The NDP pledges to create conditions for a strong recovery with help for businesses to grow. This plan includes grants for those looking to expand online services, and legislation in support of an investment fund.

4. Infrastructure: The province promised "record investments" in infrastructure projects which it says will create jobs.

5. Affordability: The NDP government says it has "more to do" to make life in B.C. more affordable, with actions including cuts to car insurance, expansion of $10-a-day child care and investments in rental housing.

6. Inequality and discrimination: In its throne speech, the Horgan Government pledged to "tackle" the issues by building on work that was started before the pandemic. The plan includes B.C.'s first anti-racism law, and reforms to the Police Act.

7. Mental health: The province promised to expand support for mental health care in B.C.

8. Reconciliation: The throne speech included a vow to continue the work that began with the passing of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, suggesting a "future of true partnership and shared decision-making."

9. Climate: The NDP says it will "continue implementing North America's most progressive climate action plan," with pushes towards clean technology, electric vehicles, protection of old-growth forests and more.

10. Technology: The throne speech outlined plans for "bridging the digital divide" through investments in technology in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.