VANCOUVER -- A four-month-long investigation in Vancouver has led to nearly $3 million in street drugs being seized, local police say.

Earlier this year, Vancouver police launched Project Transit, meant to target the distribution of illegal opioids. After months of investigating, five search warrants were executed on April 29. 

During those searches, which took place at four Vancouver properties and one in Richmond, 20 kilograms of what is believed to be fentanyl was seized. As well, police seized 320 kilograms of cannabis bud, 13 kilograms of cannabis shatter, one kilogram of cocaine and 26 kilograms of a cutting agent. 

Police also seized eight handguns and ammunition. 

Police say the drugs still need to be analyzed by Health Canada to confirm one of the substances is fentanyl. 

"This is probably the most fentanyl I've seen in one spot in my 24 years of drug enforcement," Insp. Bill Spearn told reporters Wednesday. "I'm surprised at the amount … this is a lot of drugs."

Spearn explained the seizure shows street drugs are widely available, in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We don't have a drug supply shortage," he said.

When the warrants were executed, police arrested eight people. But since the drugs still need to be analyzed, charges haven't been laid and all the suspects were released. Spearn said some of them were already known to police. 

The VPD says the investigation is ongoing and charges are expected in the coming months.