VANCOUVER -- A group given 24 hours to leave a private property by Vancouver's waterfront could face legal action, a spokesperson says.

A new tent city emerged in the parking lot near CRAB Park on Saturday, just hours after campers were cleared from another Vancouver park.

Several tents and pop-up shelters were set up in the lot, on a property that belongs to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Security for the port has been monitoring the situation, and police have been notified.

The port said those living in the lot were notified Saturday that they were trespassing, and were given 24 hours to pack up and leave.

But in an email to CTV News Tuesday morning, a spokesperson said they'd refused to leave.

"As this deadline has passed, we are taking steps toward legal action… We have contacted local police authorities on this matter," she said.

The port said more details would be released when available on what exactly that legal action could be.

Hundreds of people who used to call the nearby Oppenheimer Park home were moved into hotels and other spaces as part of the province's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deadline to move out was noon Saturday, at which time the Downtown Eastside property that has served as a tent city for years was left empty.

The Vancouver Park Board has not yet provided details on what damage was caused by long-term usage.

The province said more than 260 people had been living there, and were offered indoor accommodations to allow for self-isolating.

Some former residents of the park dispute that they were given the option, and told CTV on the weekend they weren't sure where to go, with the park they'd called home now behind a fence.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Ben Miljure