A substitute teacher who showed an expletive-filled music video to Vancouver high schoolers has been reprimanded by the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch.

Cory Ray Steeves played “I’m on a Boat” by comedy group The Lonely Island to a Grade 10 English class last September as part of a lesson on satire, according to a conflict resolution agreement that was recently posted online.

The document describes the video, which parodies various rap video tropes, as consisting “primarily of profanity.”

Another video Steeves showed the class, “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce, which depicts people with human heads as their genitalia, was also found to have been over-the-line.

The teacher did offer students a chance to opt out of the discussion, however.

“In introducing these videos to his class, Steeves told students that they could be offensive to some, and that if anyone wanted to leave they could. One student left the room,” the resolution agreement reads.

The “I’m on a Boat” video was shown to a Grade 12 English class as well, also in the context of discussing satire.

The B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch said Steeves was disciplined without pay for five days in December, and ordered to complete a course on professional boundaries last month.

Language warning: To watch the uncensored "I'm on a Boat" video, click below.