A province-wide teacher shortage has instructors in specialized fields feeling optimistic about their students' futures.

Instructors at BCIT who teach shop classes – where students learn carpentry and other construction skills – say they have seen their discipline dwindle in B.C. schools.

"Many schools are having to cancel shop class because they don’t have enough shop teachers," said instructor Jason Brett.

That shortage of teachers has instructors talking up their students' chances.

"There is an incredible demand for shop teachers. Teachers in general, but certainly shop teachers is the most acute of the areas that are in demand," said Rory Brown, an instructor at BCIT.

Brown says it's getting to the point that at shop teachers are being singled out at school district sponsored hiring fairs, getting a deluge of job offers.

"Each of these students could probably get two or three job offers for each of them right now," said Brett, referring to the students in his classroom.

With the increased demand for teachers, both Brett and Brown say they hope it encourages more female teachers to join the industry.

"We're really hoping that it gets to the point where it's at least 50-50 for sure," said Brown.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Shannon Paterson