VANCOUVER -- Taylor Kaye is a busy working mom with three kids under the age of 13.

She is a lifestyle expert who often pulls from her own real life experience for inspiration.

As the spring season gets into full swing parents may be looking for fresh ways to reinvigorate their routines in isolation. They also may be seeking some household items that can help simplify life in the home.

Kaye started with snack time and making quick meals for the family.

One of her favourite items is her Vitamix. She mentioned that she often has the kids help out by having them quickly make their own pancake mix, smoothies and snacks.

During isolation things have been extra busy and that means coffee consumption has been on the rise. She shared that her Nespresso has been getting extra use during the added time at home. 

One of Kaye's favourite items for enjoying a refreshing drink on the patio is her Sodastream. The fizz really helps to quench thirst on the warmer spring days and she says there are a variety of options to get creative.

Lastly, Kaye shared that her family is making more use of their backyard as the weather improves. On CTV Morning Live she featured some of her favourite games to play with the kids outdoors.

She mentioned that with the warmer weather bugs tend to buzz around the backyard. She recommends Thermacell repellents for mosquito and tick control. That way the kids can play without the bites.

Taylor Kaye: