A Vancouver company is reimagining what children’s clothing looks like by creating pieces that are gender neutral and long-lasting.

Pley Clothes features pieces that have neutral colours and shapes, which are meant to withstand the busy lives of children and keep so-called ‘fast fashion’ out of landfills.

It all stemmed from owner Carlie Condon’s search for a plain white shirt for her daughters.

“My girls, they really identify as athletes and to find a plain t-shirt in the girls section was hard. There was glitter and puffy sleeves and it was difficult but they also were resistant to shopping from the boys’ section,” explained Condon.

The simple silhouettes and neutral colours are meant to attract girls and boys  between three and 12 years old.

Being gender neutral, the pieces make hand-me-downs easier, Condon said.

pley clothes

Every item is made with fabric sourced from Italy and Japan so that they last.

“Because were using a fabric that’s such a high quality, the hope is that the clothes will be passed down from child to child to child,” said Condon.

With style names like the ‘Spanish Banks Button-Up’ and ‘Jericho Tee,’ the company celebrates its Vancouver roots.

The factory where everything is made is on Industrial Avenue, making the entire company hyper local.

“Starting right from who’s making the fabric to who’s sewing the clothes, we know they’re working in a safe, fair environment getting a fair wage,” Condon.

Currently Pley Clothes is available online and at Sunday Small Goods on Dunbar Street. Pley will be expanding to markets over the summer. Eventually they’ll introduce sizes for adults.

“I would love to be part of that bigger conversation that is really starting to get louder about sustainable fashion and caring about where your clothes came from and who made them,” said Condon.