VANCOUVER -- CTV News Vancouver has obtained surveillance footage showing the horrifying moments when a man shot a transit police officer on a busy SkyTrain platform and a customer at a cannabis dispensary.

Daon Glasgow, 37, has been sentenced to 10 years for shooting the officer and eight years for the robbery. With credit for time served, he will be behind bars for about 16 years.

Surrey Provincial Court released the exhibits to CTV News Monday.

The videos show Glasgow running into the Scott Road SkyTrain station on Jan. 30, 2019 when a Transit police vehicle pulls up moments later.

The court heard how the two undercover officers noticed Glasgow acting suspiciously in the parking lot and decided to follow him.

The videos show Glasgow running through the fare gate and up the escalator as the two officers are on his tail.

There is no audio in the footage so it is unclear what is said.

Const. Joshua Harms gestures with his arm, appearing to ask Glasgow to stop but instead, Glasgow begins shooting at the officer and running towards him.

The shooting caused mass panic as transit riders sprinted for safety and ducked for cover.

Glasgow left the SkyTrain and evaded capture for a few days before police arrested him at a Burnaby home.

In a separate incident that took place three days prior, Glasgow enters a cannabis shop on Kingsway Avenue in Vancouver.

The surveillance video shows he is holding onto a handgun, the court heard how it is the same one used in the SkyTrain shooting.

The court heard how Glasgow told a customer, "Do you think this is a joke?"

A second later, he shot the customer in the leg. The bullet goes in one leg and out the other; fortunately, it doesn't hit any major arteries.

Glasgow stole $100 and some cannabis products.

During his sentencing, he apologized for his actions and expressed his remorse for traumatizing and hurting the police officer, customer and innocent bystanders.