First Nations leaders have vowed to continue the fight to change the name of Vancouver's Stanley Park, even after the federal government nixed the idea.

The Squamish Nation has been pushing for the park's traditional name XwayXway to be part of the official title.

But on Monday, Heritage Minister James Moore wrote on his website that the name would not be altered.

"Our government does not support efforts to change the name of Stanley Park. A name change will not happen," Moore said.

Squamish Nation Chief Ian Campbell told CTV News that he was disappointed with that announcement.

"I'm disheartened that the federal government wouldn't speak to the Squamish Nation before making public statements," he said.

Campbell added that he would continue to push for XwayXway to become part of the park's official name in some way.

"It's always been XwayXway. It's been that way for millennia," he said.

"The Squamish Nation is very much open to any which way the name could be incorporated."