CHILLIWACK, B.C. -- A disturbing rash of dog poisonings has prompted the BC SPCA to warn dog owners in the Fraser Valley to keep their eyes open for a toxic substance at local trails and parks.

“We’ve received, so far, four concerns from members of the public who advised us that their dogs had ingested something, and as a result, they became sick. Someone had even reported seeing dog food with a powder over the dog food,” said Eileen Drever, senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA.

Drever said owners need to be extra cautious at Rotary Trail, Peach Park or Peach Road, Vedder Park or Petawawa Road and Anglers Boulevard, which are all located in the River’s Edge area of the city.

“Some of the dogs that have become ill have been vomiting, and they've had loose bowels and become lethargic,” she said.

When Taylor Dalke saw the SPCA’s warning, she thought her seven-year-old American Bully, Milonie, likely ingested something either at the Vedder off-leash dog park or Rotary Trail.

“We took her to the dog park, and then the next day, we came home and she had diarrhea all over the house,” Dalke said, recalling the incident from two weeks ago.

When her dog was taken to the animal hospital, she was given some antibotics and felt better after a few days.

Even though she didn’t see Milonie eat anything, she said the listed locations and the symptoms in the SPCA’s advisory were too similar.

She believes Milonie’s illness is connected to this mysterious substance.

“It makes me very frustrated and very angry and heartbroken that someone could actually do that,” she said.

The SPCA recommends owners be extra vigilant when walking in those areas and keep their pets on a leash.

If a dog becomes ill, the SPCA urges people to seek veterinary care right away.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the SPCA at 1-855-622-7722 or the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611.