VANCOUVER -- A six-year-old dog is being treated by the SPCA for a gunshot wound that fractured the shinbone in his right hind leg.

Brownie, a border collie and St. Bernard mix, was brought into the BC SPCA's South Peace Branch in Dawson Creek on Jan. 21. He underwent surgery to remove a bullet fragment and to repair a fractured bone in his leg on Friday afternoon.

"The vet estimates that Brownie's wound is at least a week old, which means this poor dog has been in agony for days," the SPCA said in a statement. The SPCA has not commented yet on whether an investigation has been launched into the dog's condition.

Brownie is underweight and also had a matted coat with a rash around his neck and under his ears. His coat needed to be completely shaved and was also being treated for a flea infestation.

"Brownie was in so much pain that he stopped eating," said the SPCA. "He is currently receiving medication to manage his pain and quickly regained his appetite in SPCA care."

The SPCA says the cost of Brownie's care is expected to reach $6,030, and the organization estimates it will take about two months for him to recover for his injuries in a foster home before he's ready to be adopted.

"Brownie is a very docile and loving dog," said Wendy Davies, the South Peace branch manager, in a statement. "His calm and very sweet temperament shines through despite the extreme pain he must be experiencing right now."

Davies also said Brownie has been adjusting to living indoors and has a "highly social" personality that's now blossoming.