The stick and glove that helped Canada win Olympic gold are back where they belong.

Sidney Crosby's missing gear was on its way to Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Hockey Canada says it was misplaced rather than stolen, with both items ending up in the wrong place in the process of packing and shipping equipment after the Olympic final.

The stick and glove were the ones used by Crosby when he scored the overtime goal in the 3-2 win Feb. 28 over the U.S. in Vancouver.

"I'm grateful to everyone who took the time and effort to get my equipment back for me," Crosby was quoted on the Penguins website. "These items are irreplaceable and I'm happy to have them back."

"He's happy that the distractions and questions are gone," added Hockey Canada executive Scott Salmond, who led the search for the equipment.

Crosby's stick was located in Toronto as part of a shipment heading to the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Russia. The stick was being sent to the IIHF in the mistaken belief that it was not the game stick.

The IIHF helped locate the stick and provided photographs to Crosby, who confirmed that it was the one he used to score on U.S. goalie Ryan Miller.

The missing glove was discovered by Team Canada teammate Patrice Bergeron. The players sat beside each other in the dressing room and one of Crosby's gloves was inadvertently placed in Bergeron's equipment bag.

"With everyone's co-operation, we were able to locate these items and are pleased to be able to return the stick and glove to its rightful owner," said Salmond.

Hockey Canada said both the stick and glove were en route to Crosby. There was no immediate word on his plans for the equipment.

After the gear went missing, an investigation was launched and Reebok put up a $10,000 reward for the stick. That will go unclaimed.

"I told Patrice that we should split it," joked Salmond.

This isn't the first time some of Crosby's gear has vanished.

In 2005, his jersey went missing after Canada's gold medal win over Russia at the world junior hockey championship in Grand Forks, N.D.

It was later found in a mailbox outside a post office in Lachute, Que.

Also Wednesday, Crosby announced he was giving his $20,000 Olympic medal bonus to the Sidney Crosby Foundation, which provides financial help to local charities in Nova Scotia.

Bell Canada is matching Crosby's donation.