After months of trying to video chat with friends and family, or getting work and remote learning done from home, you may have realized your current computer just doesn't cut it.

That's what happened to Adam Schaefer. Soon after he started helping his kids with their remote learning, he realized it was time to replace his 12-year-old computer.

"(It had) a lot of freezing up problems," he says. "We could only have about two websites open at a time, otherwise it will crash." 

If you're in the same boat, Consumer Reports' Nicholas De Leon says it may be time to start shopping for a new computer online.

"Laptops are a great option because they're portable, more powerful, and less expensive than they used to be," he says. 

If you like PCs, you could try the LG Gram 15. At 2.5 pounds, it's lighter than typical laptops the same size. And its fingerprint reader lets you log in without having to type in a password. It costs about $2,000. 

If you prefer a Mac, one of the top-rated laptops is the 16 inch Apple MacBook Pro. Consumer Reports testers say its long battery life could last you beyond a full day's work, but will cost you $3,000. 

"Apple is at the top of our ratings when it comes to reliability and owner satisfaction," De Leon says. 

As for desktop computers, all-in-one models, where the computer is built into the monitor, are a popular choice. They're powerful and they save space. 

For Mac lovers like Schaefer, there's the 21.5 inch iMac. It has built-in speakers and its dedicated graphics card allows you to run more graphics-intensive tasks, like video editing, at top speed. It will set you back $1,950. 

But if now is not the right time to drop a lot of cash on a new computer, one free option is turning an outdated laptop into a Chromebook. It's not hard to do, makes your computer more functional, and saves you a lot of money. 

With files from Consumer Reports