Some advertisements linking science and sexuality have been banned from Vancouver bus stops over concerns they’re too risqué.

Science World says the campaign for its “Science of Sexuality” exhibit is meant to generate discussion and break down the myths about a subject that’s often deemed taboo.

One ad shows a box of Kleenex surrounded by wadded up tissue and reads: “Ejaculation fights colds.”

Another depicts a man lying naked on a hospital bed on top of a woman with casts on her legs. The tagline reads: “Orgasms can kill pain.”

Pattison Outdoor said it would not use two of the campaign pieces on its bus ads.

But Science World isn’t upset over the ban. In fact, they’re thrilled with the attention.

“If it gets some young people in here to learn the truth about things – and get the facts – it’s worth the controversy,” said communications coordinator Jason Bousher, adding that the ads are an informative and entertaining presentation of the science of sexuality.

Bousher said all the ads are factually accurate, and if they raise some eyebrows people are more likely to remember them.

“We feel it is important because it’s informing youth about sexuality – so they’re not going to inappropriately use sites on the internet about sexual information,” he said.

The exhibit, which runs through Sept. 2, is geared towards youth aged 12 and up.

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