VANCOUVER -- A B.C. search and rescue organization says it had to help several teens and some parents after a group got stuck on a mountain road in the Okanagan over the weekend.

Vernon Search and Rescue posted a note on its Facebook page Tuesday about an operation it conducted Sunday evening. The group says it, along with local Mounties, was called in to assist some people near Becker Lake as temperatures dropped overnight.

When they arrived, the crew discovered a group of teens in different vehicles had driven up an icy road earlier in the day and became "hopelessly stuck at several locations." But instead of calling 911, they called some friends to help them, who also got stuck. A number of parents were called next and they got stuck as well.

"Conditions had changed throughout the day and into the evening, and as the temperature fell the difficult, icy road conditions worsened," the post says.

"One by one, search and rescue members came across immobile vehicles strung along the mountain road. A relay system was created to shuttle the subjects down the mountain, as there was only a single lane available."

Fifteen people were helped down the mountain by 1 a.m., Vernon SAR says.

The rescue organization says some concerned friends and family members were told to stay at the bottom of the mountain to not complicate the operation.

Vernon SAR encourages people who are lost or stuck to call 911 as soon as possible. In this situation, the crew says the individuals could have been helped earlier and easier.

The group also cautions people travelling on back roads and in wilderness areas to be prepared to stay overnight in case of accidents.

"SAR volunteers are dedicated members of the community, and train hard to be prepared to respond to all manner of emergencies and situations," the post says.

"From 'just getting stuck' to a medical emergency, people should know that it’s perfectly okay to call for help when they are in trouble, or if conditions or situations are worsening."