A Vancouver-born actor appeared on a late-night talk show Monday to talk about his new movie, and his latest venture outside the industry.

Seth Rogen was on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," where he talked about his latest film, "Long Shot."

Rogen plays a journalist who reunites with his childhood crush, played by Charlize Theron, during her bid for the U.S. presidency. The film is being released this week by Lionsgate Entertainment, a company formed in Vancouver.

Colbert asked Rogen about the film, and joked about how often the actor known for movies like "Pineapple Express" is high while on set.

"I know you are not your characters, but you enjoy the occasional marijuana cigarette, my understanding is," Colbert said.

"Yeah. I smoke weed all day, every day of my life," Rogen responded.

He joked that he's been acting while high for the last 20 years.

"But yes, I actually do enjoy weed in my personal life and on film," he said.

Rogen also talked about his role as Pumbaa the warthog in "The Lion King," and told Colbert he didn't get to meet Beyonce.

Then Colbert turned the conversation toward Rogen's latest project, a Canadian cannabis brand.

The company is based in Toronto and is a joint venture between the actor, screenwriter Evan Goldberg and Canopy Growth Corp.

"It's a product I'm passionate about, luckily," he said.

"It's been amazingly gratifying to be able to help provide cannabis to the people of Canada, where it is federally legal and where we're legally selling it."

So far, the product is only available in B.C., but he said they'll be rolling it out to other provinces over the next year.

Rogen described it as "really a dream come true," and explained the name, Houseplant, was based on his experience.

"My whole life, weed is something that was like, hidden under the coffee table, and we thought, we should name it after something you proudly display instead of something you're ashamed of," he said.

"As you can see, I'm not ashamed of it."

Rogen said they'd initially discussed putting his name in the product, but decided that was too narrowing.

"Weed is a better product than I am. Just because you don't like me doesn't mean you're not going to like weed," he said.