NORTH VANCOUVER -- Like other local ski hills, Mount Seymour saw nearly 20 centimetres of fresh powder overnight.

"It looks like there's more snow coming … so we're excited," said Eddie Wood, the resort's general manager.

Many families flocked to the ski hill in the morning, but one driver didn't make it to the top after their Nissan Pathfinder somehow swerved into a snowy ditch.

Firefighters on scene confirmed to CTV News Vancouver the SUV didn't have the proper winter tires.

Wood reminded guests to be prepared for the conditions before coming up to the mountains.

"Safety is paramount in a winter experience," he said. "We ask that people have tires with good winter tread, proper tires to drive the winter road. Take caution when driving, follow the speed limits and sometimes you have to go slower."

The road to Mount Seymour is designated as a "winter tire and chain-up route," meaning vehicles must have winter tires or mud and snow tires.

Staff was on hand near the start of the route redirecting a few vehicles that didn't have those proper preparations.

For those without winter tires on their vehicles, Wood said, the ski resort also offers shuttle rides.