The RCMP says a year-long investigation in Chilliwack has ended with "the dismantling" of a criminal operation that distributed illicit drugs.

The RCMP started gathering evidence in the summer of 2018, connecting suspects and addresses to the illegal operation.

On Dec. 19, police searched seven residential addresses and executed three search warrants on vehicles and found a "large quantity" of drugs believed to be cocaine, as well as drug trafficking paraphernalia, cash and several cell phones.

The seven addresses police searched were located in the 9200 block of Edwards Street, the 5900 block of Deerfield Crescent, the 45000 block of Collins Drive, the 45000 block of Cartmell Road, the 46000 block of Stevenson Road, the 48000 block of Elkview Road and the 45000 block of Crescent Drive.

Police also arrested four people, who were later released, and are preparing to recommend criminal charges.