VANCOUVER -- Several parties in Burnaby with dozens of guests – including a 40-person rave – led to COVID-19 fines last month, Mounties in the area say.

Burnaby RCMP released its monthly summary of COVID-19 enforcement on Thursday, revealing several parties were held in the city throughout November, in spite of strict health orders prohibiting gatherings. 

The first was what police described as a "rave" held on Nov. 1. Police say there were approximately 40 people at the event, and there was no room for physical distancing in the "small space." People were drinking and not wearing masks, Mounties say.

At the time, some gatherings were permitted in B.C. However, official events with more than six people had to have space for people to physically distance and event organizers had to collect contact information of everyone attending. 

Two weeks later, police responded to two house parties. At one, there were 30 people in a four-person home. At the other, there were 58 people in an apartment. Tickets were issued to residents at both parties.

By that point, sweeping public health orders in the region prohibited anyone from gathering with people outside their household, with very few exceptions. 

The following weekend, police were called to two more parties. At one, officers said they were "met with aggression," and a ticket was issued. At another, a party host – who was ticketed for the same offence in September – received a fine. 

Mounties in Burnaby said they responded to 46 complaints and issued five tickets for COVID-19-related offences in November, not including restaurant, lounge and business checks.