A masked bandit is being blamed for the theft of a BC Hydro worker's lunch over the weekend.

The furry fugitive was caught on camera inside a truck parked in Burnaby, after apparently stealing a snack and taking a nap.

The utility provider posted a short video of the suspect on Twitter Monday morning, saying, "He snoozes, one of our team members loses!"

The 30-second clip shows an employee approaching the window of the truck. Through the glass, the critter the internet has nicknamed "trash panda" is seen sitting in the driver's seat, yawning and licking its tail or back paw.

Raccoons often make headlines for encounters with humans, including in 2017 where a B.C. resident called 911 to ask whether raccoons are dangerous.

In Toronto, the mammal is often thought of as a menace, and blamed for everything from delaying flights to breaking and entering.

They've also made headlines for hopping commuter trains, biting police officers and outsmarting "raccoon-proof" green bins.

And in 2015, the city mourned the loss of Conrad, a raccoon whose death on Yonge Street inspired the hashtag #deadraccoonto.