Dozens of fans of the Winnipeg Christian rock band Starfield were injured Friday night.

Three people suffered serious injuries and dozens more suffered minor injuries after the floor of a B.C. church collapsed during their concert.

One person suffered a serious neck and head injury, another suffered a compound fracture of a hand, and one woman suffered a fractured leg.

The female victim with a fractured leg was released from hospital on Saturday, but the woman with neck and head injuries remains in Vancouver General.

Approximately 40 people were injured in total after the floor collapsed at a Christian rock concert at Central Heights Church in Abbotsford.

About 1,000 people attended the concert to see the band Starfield.

Witnesses say the band was only performing its second song of the night when hundreds of young people crowded in front of the stage, jumping, before a massive light and sound system swinging from the ceiling fell onto the crowd.

"The portion of the floor that gave way is directly in front the stage," said Abbotsford police Const. Casey Vinet.

"Lighting as well fell ... roughly a 24-by-24-foot area (of the floor) gave way to the basement below."

It is unclear what actually caused the floor to collapse.

"I saw the metal part with the speakers and the lights all coming down, and almost hitting me and my friend," said concert-goer Austin Marsh.

Bethany Blois suffered several cuts and bruises.

"I have gashes on my back and my leg is all bruised up and then I have stitches in the back of my ear," she said.

City engineers were examining the structure of the church on Saturday, and an independent engineer has been hired, according to police.

Pastor Chris Douglas said the church, built in the mid-1980s, was not full at the time.

"That building that facility is rated for 1200, 1300 people and it was not to capacity at the time," he said.

Connor Madden said Starfield lead singer Tim Neufeld told the crowd to stop jumping just before the floor fell.

"The main singer of the band, I don't know if he saw it happening or something, maybe he saw the thing swinging down and about to fall on the people, but he told them to stop jumping," he said.

Samantha Marsh was suffered a cut on her ankle when she fell through the floor.

"All at once, I didn't know what was happening and all of a sudden I'm in the basement ... it was kind of scary and I just wanted to get out of there with my friends," she said.

"Everyone was jumping and screaming, so it was just a huge bustle of noise. I didn't look around too much ... I saw water coming down so I was really worried and I just wanted to get out."

Some say it was a miracle no one was critically injured, or worse.

Starfield is an award winning Christian music group from Winnipeg. Starfield was originally formed by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, both from Winnipeg. They released their first album in 2001.

With reports from CTV British Columbia's Jina You and Dag Sharman and files from The Canadian Press