VANCOUVER -- A man and woman didn't get far when they attempted to evade police by stealing an RCMP cruiser, the Langley detachment says.

In a news release, the RCMP said an officer was driving on Glover Road Monday at around noon when they recognized a person on a bike.

Mounties say the cyclist was a person who was wanted on an arrest warrant.

According to their account, the officer pulled over, stopping the man and a woman he was with from continuing down the road.

The officer tried to arrest the man and was "impeded by the female," the RCMP said Tuesday

"She then got in the driver's seat of the police car. The male suspect was able to break free of the officer and joined the woman in the car," Mounties say.

The pair took off, according to police, but ended up driving into a ditch and then a gate. They got out and ran off, the RCMP says.

Police dogs and their handlers and members of the Emergency Response Team, both of whom were already in the area, helped to track down the suspects.

According to police, the woman appeared to be "in some distress," and was taken to hospital, while the man was arrested.

Police have not identified either person alleged to be involved in the series of events, but said the man is 23 and the woman is 36.

A report is being prepared and Crown counsel will determine any charges they may face.