A report that two female prisoners had sex in an RCMP cell while jail staff watched via a video camera has people talking in this Interior B.C. city, including the mayor, who says the public will eventually be told what really happened.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar is asking people to be patient and not pass judgment on those involved until all the details are known.

Milobar said he's unable to confirm reports that two women, one of whom might be HIV positive, were placed in the same cell Aug. 18 and began having sex.

It's been reported that RCMP and civilian jail staff watched the encounter on a video monitor for several minutes and did nothing to stop it.

Milobar said it would be wrong to speculate on bits and pieces of information before everyone involved knows what happened. "I would prefer to make sure we have that complete package (of information) for the fairness of everybody involved and make sure the full investigation has run its course," he said.

The RCMP have said four Mounties are being investigated in relation to the incident, but no official details have been released about exactly what happened.

Three Kamloops city employees are also said to have been involved.

City staff take care of administrative and clerical duties at the Kamloops detachment.

Other Kamloops Mounties under investigation

A further two officers with the Kamloops detachment are currently under investigation by the Calgary Police Service after the shooting death of Wilbert Bartley on July 30.

Bartley, 50, was shot and killed after he backed his Toyota 4Runner into an unmarked RCMP minivan parked near a convenience store.

Calgary investigators say that the two plainclothes Mounties fired two shots through the SUV's windshield, hitting Bartley at least once.

Another pair of Kamloops Mounties remain off regular duty while they face charges of assault for separate incidents.

Const. Ryan Sheremetta has been charged with one count of assault for allegedly punching another man in an off-duty street fight on March 7. He has been placed on administrative duties while an internal police investigation is underway.

With files from The Canadian Press and CTV British Columbia's Andrew Weichel