Drivers in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are getting a break in gas prices this weekend, with decreases of six cents or more on Saturday. For some, it’s welcome news, while others continue to be disillusioned.

“It’s not okay. Still very high, still very high,” one cab driver told CTV News.

Prices have been hovering at $1.59/litre this week in Vancouver.

Dan McTeague, a senior petroleum analyst with, predicted a six-cent price drop in the Lower Mainland on Friday.

However, CTV News was able to find more significant savings, dropping to lows of $1.49/litre.

“It’s pretty crazy. My father lives in Ontario and they’re paying about $1.30 a litre. I mean, it’s great,” one driver told CTV News. “It’s $1.49 across the street. It’s $1.51 here. I just came from Langley. It was $157.7 and it was $1.70 a few weeks ago. It’s like, come on, man, give me a break.”

If you didn’t get a chance to fill up for a better deal on Saturday, McTeague is predicting a drop of three more cents on Sunday.