Tolls for passenger vehicles on the new Port Mann Bridge will begin at half their originally planned rate, the B.C. government confirmed Wednesday.

The Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry announced when the bridge opens in December, cars, pickup trucks and SUVs will be charged an introductory toll of just $1.50 per crossing.

That number will jump up to the previously announced rate of $3 on March 1, but the government says drivers who register for a free tolling account by Feb. 28 will continue to pay the introductory rate for another nine months.

“The tolling framework recognizes the need for the new bridge to be affordable for families,” Minister Mary Polak said in a statement.

Polak also boasted the new bridge will cut some motorists’ commutes in half.

“Some drivers will have an extra hour a day to spend time with family and friends rather than wasting their days in traffic.”

Those who sign up before Nov. 30 will also receive a $30 credit on their account, the equivalent of 20 trips for passenger vehicles.

Cars pulling trailers or light trucks will pay an introductory rate of $4.50, which will jump up to $6 on March 1 for non-account holders.

The introductory rate for motorcycles will be $1, a reduction of 50 cents off of the regular toll.

Semis and tractor-trailers will be paying $9 per crossing.

Unregistered vehicles that cross the bridge are tolled using license plate sensors. If payment is not received within seven days of crossing, drivers receive an invoice from ICBC and an additional processing charge of $2.30.