Police have identified the man killed in an East Vancouver attack Tuesday night.

Sunil Mall, 27, was fatally shot as he sat behind the wheel of his car at East 3rd Ave. and Kaslo St.

Mall is well known to police.  Court records show a series of drug-related charges dating as far back as 2001.

Police believe they are dealing with yet another targeted hit, but have not made any positive links to gangs or drugs.

Two men were seen running from the scene.

Police used sniffer dogs to cover a wide area near the shooting for several hours after the incident, but have not identified any suspects.

There have been seven shootings in the past 48 hours in Metro Vancouver, two of them fatal.

The latest wave of violence comes only days after the RCMP announced "a significant strike against B.C. gangs" with the arrest of alleged UN gang leader Barzan Tilli-Choli, 26, of Vancouver.