Nov. 13 update: A 19-year-old man died after being shot multiple times in Abbotsford Monday.

Abbotsford police say they’re investigating reports of an afternoon shooting.

In a Facebook post, the force confirms it is investigating a call of shots fired at the intersection of Ross and Simpson roads.

A witness says he was driving home on Ross Road when he saw someone lying on the ground, surrounded by blood.

“It was an obvious gunshot wound to the head,” said Richard Tarenta, who works as a nurse.

Tarenta said he started performing CPR on the injured man until emergency crews arrived on the scene.

He said his first thought was to help the victim, and give them a positive outcome.

“But when you see a gunshot wound to the head, it’s kind of hard to imagine a positive outcome after that,” Tarenta said.

Abbotsford police have yet to release further details about the investigation.