VANCOUVER -- Bylaw officers and RCMP are investigating an alleged dog attack that left a Coquitlam family's pet Pomeranian severely injured this week.

Rosa Piroti said her parents took their 10-year-old dog, Romeo, for a walk in the Burke Mountain neighbourhood on Monday night when the animal was attacked by five other dogs.

Piroti shared video on Facebook that allegedly shows a man walking away from area accompanied by several off-leash dogs.

“You can hear my mom crying and screaming in the background for help,” Piroti wrote in the post. .

The man is also seen pointing his middle finger to Piroti’s dad, who she said was recording the video.

According to the family, Romeo was taken to the vet for an emergency procedure and is now recovering at home and unable to walk.

The family pet has received stiches and is on medication and Piroti said they would like to have the accused dog owner help with some of costs.

“We want him to take responsibility for his actions and his dogs – and to pay the vet bills and have his dogs properly trained, “ Piroti said.

She said the vet bill was $2,000, and that the family worries Romeo will need many subsequent treatments.

Piroti said the attack by what she assumes were hunting dogs was unprovoked.

In an emailed statement to CTV News, a City of Coquitlam spokesperson said bylaw enforcement "is in contact with the parties involved and an investigation is being conducted.”

Coquitlam RCMP also said there is an open investigation into what happened.