VANCOUVER -- Residents of a downtown Vancouver condo building are frustrated with the amount of crime they say is happening near their doorstep.

“I want the city to pull their socks up," said resident Patricia Chartrand.

After 20 years as a condo owner in the building near the corner of Main Street and Terminal Avenue, Chartrand explained the situation has become dangerous. 

“On the weekend I had some gentleman out here throw a container of food at me,” she said. 

Residents are perturbed at the amount of garbage, drug paraphernalia and graffiti they see in the area despite it being a major transit connection and close to tourist attractions like Science World. 

“I never know what to expect there could be people lying, sleeping, guys doing drugs and shooting up, “ said long-time resident Mort Broverman. 

The residents explain that the breaking point came in the spring after a random assault just steps from a neighbouring SkyTrain entrance led to Transit police recommending multiple charges.

The incident was captured on the building’s security cameras.

In the video a man is seen walking up to another person and punching them from behind. 

Transit police told CTV News that after a full investigation the suspect was identified. 

The residents of several condo units near the intersection have also paid for a temporary fence to block people from openly using drugs on a courtyard area outside their front doors.

“There are children in this building, elderly with walkers and I'm tired of having people impacted by this,” said Chartrand.