VANCOUVER -- Waving flags from trucks, crossovers and hatchbacks, demonstrators from across the Lower Mainland converged on downtown Vancouver in a show of solidarity with protesters in India.

Tuesday’s rally that began in Surrey and rolled into downtown, coincided with a much larger and violent protest in New Delhi. Demonstrators there are demanding the Indian government repeal sweeping changes to farming laws.

For months, protests in India have been peaceful, but turned deadly Tuesday. Thousands of famers breached barricades and stormed the historic Red Fort. 

“So this frustration, passion and anger that you're seeing, is really a manifestation of several months, if not several decades, of oppression and discrimination they faced,” said B.C.’s event spokesperson Moninder Singh.

Vancouver’s protest was passionate but peaceful, and the parade of vehicles was designed to be a safer way of demonstrating during the pandemic. 

“When people start gathering in the hundreds, if not the thousands, keeping them at a distance or spreading them out has kind of been the challenge,” said Singh. 

India’s government has engaged in talks with the farmers, but neither side has come to an agreement.