Lawyers for the owner of the Vancouver Canucks and his ex-wife faced off in court over the monthly amount he must pay her for child support.

In September 2013, Francesco and Tali’ah Aquilini reached a divorce settlement just hours before a trial that would have laid their personal and financial lives bare for all to see.

It was revealed in court Tuesday that Francesco Aquilini has been paying Tali’ah close to half a million dollars a year in child support as part of the previously confidential settlement.

Tali’ah has full custody of the couple’s children.

Up until August 2018, Francesco paid $40,000 per month for three children who live with their mother. An older child is self-sufficient and not subject to the child support agreement.

Tali'ah's lawyer claims since September of 2018, Francesco has only given her $20,833 per month.

At issue is the status of some of the university-age children who Francesco covers tuition, and room and board for while they are away at school.

His lawyer argues he shouldn’t have to also pay Tali'ah child support for those children while they are not living in her home during the academic year.

"Mr. Aquilini wants to pay. He just wants to make sure it's correct and accurate, and the calculation is right,” Francesco’s lawyer Suzan El-Khatib told the judge on Tuesday.

Tali’ah’s lawyer argues she maintains her home for the children even during the school year when they are away, and Francesco should be paying the previously agreed upon $12,500 per month for each child who lives with her, year-round, until they turn 19.

After that, Francesco would only be obligated to pay the amount when the children are home from school.

Tali’ah’s lawyer asked the judge to order Francesco to pay her $128,000 she claims she’s owed, but his lawyer says he is only willing to pay $90,000.

Both sides have also asked the judge to provide clarity on how much Francesco should pay each month going forward.