The Coast Guard was called to English Bay Wednesday morning after an apparently wayward sailboat sunk off the coast of Vancouver.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada told CTV News the guard received several reports of the boat adrift in the water near the Maritime Museum.

Crews from Kitsilano were called to investigate, and located the vessel "Swish." As they attempted to tow it to shore, it started to take on water.

DFO said they tried to keep it afloat but their efforts were unsuccessful. The sailboat sank, leaving only a portion of its mast above water.

The mast was marked with orange buoys, and is a hazard due to its location, DFO said in an email to CTV.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Coast Guard was still trying to track down the boat's owner.

When the owner is located, they will be responsible for having the vessel removed, DFO said.

Jerry cans and day tanks were removed to prevent possible spills, but the Coast Guard is also booming the boat as a precaution.