VANCOUVER -- Days after a pungent stench began wafting through Port Moody, regional staff may have pinpointed the source.

On Thursday, Metro Vancouver said officers found a facility somewhere in the city that's emitting odours "consistent with some residents' reports."

Officials have not publicly named the location, and said staff are still working to verify it's the source of the unpleasant smells.

A post from the Metro Vancouver Twitter account said it's "possible there are other sources" as well, and that an odour survey is being conducted Thursday.

The smells first emerged on Saturday evening, prompting dozens of reports to firefighters and to the Metro Vancouver air quality complaint line.

Officials said some people described the smells as "gas, chemical or sulphur-like." One Twitter user described the stench as "horrendous."

"Our cat, who was outside for about an hour, came home with the odour clinging to his fur. This needs to be aggressively investigated," she wrote.

FortisBC sent a service technician into the city over the weekend, but determined the smell was not related to natural gas.