VANCOUVER -- Officers in Penticton say they were shot at when they tried to pull over a suspected stolen vehicle

Penticton RCMP say that a person shot at officers when they tried to pull a vehicle over on Friday night.

The police force says no officers were injured, and that they eventually arrested two people connected to the incident with the help of the RCMP Emergency Response Team, police dogs, and air surveillance support.

The incident happened just after midnight on March 20, in the northwest part of the city. Police say that no members of the public were harmed during the chase, but did not specify if the suspects were injured.

“A front-line officer conducting a pro-active patrol near Lower Moorpark and West Bench Hill Drive observed a truck and trailer pulling an SUV,” reads a statement from the Penticton RCMP.

The officer tried to stop the vehicle, but instead, the truck – pulling a trailer – sped away, police allege.

Shortly after, officers say they found the un-hitched trailer on the side of the road, and other officers nearby found the trailer-less truck.

Police say they again attempted to pull the truck over, but allege that someone shot at the officers before the truck sped off again.

RCMP did not reveal whether they believe the person who shot at officers was inside the truck, nor did they say how many times they were shot at or if they recovered any guns inside the stolen vehicle.

"Officers later located the suspect truck on Green Mountain Road, and upon approaching it, several gun shots were fired in the direction of the officers," said Const. James Grandy in a news release.

"It then drove away, continuing to be pursued by officers at a safe distance, up Farleigh Lake Rd, west of Penticton, where it momentarily stopped, and then reversed into an officer’s vehicle, disabling it. The pursuit of the truck ceased at that time."

With assistance from several specialized RCMP support teams, including the Emergency Response Team, Police Dog Services, and Air Services, two suspects were located and safely taken into custody.

"We have many resources actively deployed to Penticton, and will remain on scene as our investigation continues," says Grandy. "There's no indication of any ongoing risk to the public related to this incident.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call Penticton RCMP at 250-492-4300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 if they wish to remain anonymous.