VANCOUVER -- North Shore Search and Rescue was inundated with calls over the weekend, responding to five reports of stranded hikers in two days.

The first rescue happened Saturday morning on St. Mark’s Summit near Cypress Mountain.

Rescuers used a helicopter and a long line to help a hiker with an ankle injury.

NSR was also deployed to Mount Seymour the next morning, to assist two hikers.

The pair was stranded overnight just North of Tim Jones Peak after one of them hurt their leg.

Later that day, North Shore volunteers assisted Lions Bay Search and Rescue with two hikers on the northeast side of the West Lion.

They were long lined out.

Rescuers were also called to help stranded hikers on Crown Mountain and Mount Fromme which are both located near Grouse Mountain.

Officials are reminding all hikers to bring what they refer to as the 10 essentials: a light, signalling device, a fire starter, warm clothes, a pocket knife, shelter, water and food, a first aid kit, navigation and way of communicating like a cellphone.

NSR says it's vital to tell someone about your hike before you hit the trails.

That person should know your route and when you expect to be back, so if something goes wrong, search teams can find you.

Rescuers say it's also important to stay calm and remain where you are if you get lost, as people usually end up further away from the trail if they carry on.