VANCOUVER -- A new "gravity thrill ride" is coming to a North Shore Mountain and with construction underway, the attraction is expected to open next spring or summer.

The Mountain Coaster, currently being built at Cypress Mountain Resort, is a 1.7-kilometre ride that travels 272 vertical metres down the mountain, reaching speeds up to 40 km/h.

The coaster, which runs on a single track, begins at the top of the Eagle Express Quad Chair on Black Mountain. Each backrest cart has a hand break, allowing riders to control their own speed.

"This activity positions perfectly within our planned vision for enhancing year round accessibility to our world class public recreation facilities," said Russell Chamberlain, president of the resort, in a news release.

"The Mountain Coaster is the perfect centrepiece to build family focused recreational summer activity."

The ride's opening date will depend on snow levels at the end of the winter season, but a spokesperson for the resort says the plan is to open it as soon as possible.

Cypress also says the ride, which is being made by Austrian manufacturer Sunkid, is suitable for all ages and physical capabilities. 

"The terrain on the slopes of Black Mountain will perfectly complement our technology and create an amazing ride," said Sunkid CEO Emanuel Wohlfarter, in the release.

The first phase of construction is ongoing and the second phase is expected to begin this winter. A spokesperson for the resort said winter mountain operations won't be disrupted by construction, however.