VANCOUVER -- Alberta RCMP are investigating three Vancouver police officers alleged to have helped a disgraced former detective to obstruct another investigation.

The investigation into the members of the Vancouver Police Department's Counter Exploitation Unit began in 2017 "after a referral from 'E' Division RCMP in B.C.," said Fraser Logan, Alberta RCMP media relations officer.

"Unfortunately, I'm not able to expand on that or confirm any other details."

The probe stems from allegations raised during an investigation into disgraced VPD detective Jim Fisher.

Fisher pleaded guilty to two counts of breach of trust and one count of sexual exploitation for kissing two vulnerable young witnesses in pimping and sex trafficking cases.

He was sentenced to 20 months behind bars and two years' probation. Fisher also faces civil suits from the two victims, who are also victims of convicted pimp Reza Moazami.

Moazami is serving 18 years in prison after being convicted of 30 charges, including sexual assault, sexual interference and human trafficking.

He has four appeals underway and on Friday during a disclosure hearing for one of those appeals, the court heard the officers tasked with investigating Fisher worked in his unit.

"We believe that the investigation into the other officers is because they were helping Fisher to obstruct the investigation," said Moazami's lawyer Tom Arbogast in a court hearing Thursday.

The VPD told CTV News that all three remain on active duty and have been moved to other units. None of the allegations against them have been proven in court.

Moazami's lawyer wants special commissioner appointed to case

The court heard Friday Arbogast wants more information disclosed by Crown, including text conversations with complainants involved in Moazami's case.

Arbogast showed the court the volumes of disclosure provided including pages showing redacted information.

Crown argued much of what's redacted includes conversations Fisher had unrelated to any investigation, which were with family and friends.

Arbogast wants a special commissioner appointed to the case to review disclosure.

There is no timeline on when a decision on that will come.