ICBC and police have released a list of drunk drivers' most commonly used excuses at roadblocks to remind holiday partiers to plan a safe ride home.

Each year around Christmas and New Year's people get behind the wheel after drinking, resulting in tragedy or, at the very least, huge fines.

This year police are reminding drivers that excuses such as "I was just going two blocks" will not hold up if people are driving impaired.

Police said that CounterAttack roadchecks will be in full effect across the province and the best advice is to plan ahead before going out.

These are some other notorious excuses that officers warn they have heard many times before:

"I'm driving my drunk friends home… I've had less than all of them."

Choosing the least drunk person to be the designated driver is not a safe way to get home, police advise.

"I've only had a couple."

Police say the "couple" mentality blurs reality and people are often more affected than they think.

"I can hold my liquor."

Survivors of alcohol-related crashes often say that they did not think they were impaired but the reality is that every drink adds to impairment, police say.

"I can't be drunk... I'm the designated driver!"

Police say they don't find designated driver jokes funny, and say a true designated driver does not drink at all.