VANCOUVER -- Thousands of dollars in COVID-19 fines were handed out in Vancouver this weekend, including some to party hosts and a limo driver.

Vancouver police say officers handed out tickets at four different instances this weekend. On Saturday evening, police spotted a broken down limo in Stanley Park while responding to an unrelated call. Of the six passengers, only two were roommates, which meant the gathering contravened public health orders.

Police say the limo driver didn't have the correct license or permit to operate the vehicle. Under current health orders, use of both limos – also referred to as "perimeter seating vehicles" – and party buses is limited. The current public health order says the vehicles can't be operated between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless it's to transport employees to or from a workplace. As well, the vehicles can't be used to transport people to or from events at any time of day. 

Officers didn't say when the limo was found, but said the driver was issued a $2,300 fine for breaking COVID-19 orders. 

Later that same evening, police responded to two house parties at different downtown condo buildings. The first had about eight to 10 people gathered for a birthday party. Police say the attendees were "apologetic and remorseful," and the host was given a $230 ticket.

At the other party, 15 people were gathered. Officers say they were "highly intoxicated, hostile individuals" and in that case, the owner was given a $2,300 fine. 

The night before those three tickets were issued, police gave a host a fine at another party with 16 guests at an apartment near Howe and Davie streets. 

Guests at the party ranged in age from 13 to 34, and three underage girls who did not live at the address where the party was being held were "safely turned over to a parent." Police shut down the party and wrote the resident a ticket for hosting the gathering.

Current health orders prohibit people from gathering with others who aren't in their immediate household. For those who live alone, they're allowed to meet with one or two people from their "core bubble." Those rules will be in place until at least Dec. 7. 

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Ian Holliday