VANCOUVER -- Someone with a sense of humour and knowledge of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia policy has created a mock version of the classic board game Monopoly.

In ICBC Monopoly, the traditional dog, thimble and race car figurines are replaced with ICBC employees, drivers and a dumpster fire.

Maclean Kay, editor in chief of The Orca, received a copy of the game via Canada Post Monday night. It was sent in plain packaging.

"A big box with no return address,” he said. “When I opened it, there was an ICBC Monopoly board game.”

Community Chest and Chance cards are renamed Mystery Letters and Renewal Notices.

“You can’t renew online, pay $50,” reads one card.

“Add a new driver to your policy, pay $100,” is printed on another.

It plays just like the real thing. Properties like Marvin Gardens have been renamed after the cities of British Columbia.

Boardwalk, often the most coveted spot on the board, has been replaced with one of the most expensive city’s in the world to live, Vancouver.

Jail is the ICBC claims centre.

ICBC has been struggling financially, and this take-off of the classic game seems to be a playful jab at the corporation's predicament.

“You don't make a dumpster fire piece for a Monopoly set and not at least try to have fun with it,” chuckled Kay.

ICBC doesn’t think it’s so funny.

“Rather than playing games, we’re focused on safely restoring services for British Columbians,” the insurance corporation wrote in a statement.

“And implementing our new Enhanced Care model, which will lower auto insurance by an average of approximately 20% or $400, while significantly increasing care benefits.“

Maclean figures others will soon start receiving an anonymous package too.

The object of the game is to be the last player insolvent.