A woman and her teenaged son are facing drug trafficking charges after police say they found LSD-laced candy in their home.

Mounties found a bag of gummy bears containing the hallucinogenic drug LSD while searching a home in Cranbrook, in southeastern B.C., for marijuana.

Cpl. Chris Falkner said if a young child were to consume the candy the effects could be very dangerous. So far, there is no evidence any children were given the candy, or that it was intended to be distributed to young people.

The candy was found during a raid this spring, but lab tests didn't confirm the presence of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a psychedelic drug commonly known as LSD, until this summer.

Fifty-year-old Christianne Bateman and her 18-year-old son Benjamin are facing charges of possessing and trafficking in drugs.

LSD is not considered addictive, but can affect a user's thinking process, visual perception, sense of time and identity and cause various physical side effects.

Faulkner said police want to make parents aware of the gummy bears, but not to cause a panic.

"Most persons who would purchase such an item want it for personal use," he said.