SQUAMISH, B.C. -- Lonnie Elias Gairdner and Jenna Marie Apsassin arrived at the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola hoping for a ride, only to discover that – for the second time in just over a year – the cables had been cut.

“I heard it on the news,” said Gairdner, adding he wanted to see it with his own eyes. “It’s just a shame.”

For Apsassin, knowing this is the second time it’s happened in 13 months, police should have more leads than they seem to.

“How do they not know?” She wondered.

That’s now a quarter-million-dollar question. Sea to Sky Gondola ownership have announced a $250,000 reward for a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction.

“I think the size of this reward is important,” said Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott on Saturday. “I think they certainly are trying to motivate someone who knows something to come forward.”

Squamish RCMP were part of Friday’s announcement but had no updates to provide on the ongoing investigation.

“We’re looking for only one thing and that would be any footage along the Sea to Sky highway north of Squamish and south of Squamish near the gondola area,” said Sgt. Sascha Banks.

The gondola’s base camp has reopened, with the gift shop and cafe are both welcoming visitors. Elliott said she hopes those who love to visit the gondola will continue to come to Squamish.

“I would hope that enough people have come to Squamish now that they would know even with the gondola down there’s still some beautiful trails they can access here. We have some great restaurants and brew pubs. Eagle-viewing season is coming up,” she said. “Who this really hurts are the people who are employed there and the small businesses on the downstream effect of that attraction.”

Both Gairdner and Apsassin said they were grateful no one was injured in the vandalism.

“Catch the right person,” said Apsassin. “If eventually it’s going to happen again, put a stop to it, because that is very dangerous.”

Anyone who has information about the gondola case is asked to call 604-892-6122 or email gondola.info@rcmp-grc.gc.ca