Police in Delta say they're investigating after having been contacted four times with reports of "suspicious meat" found in a local park over the last month.

According to police, the meat was all located in the same area of Watershed Park near the trail entrance by 63rd Avenue.

"Typically what occurred was seven to 10 pounds of large, two- to three-inch chunks of meat were left near the trail," investigators said in a statement. "After the first report police stepped up patrols in the park area, and volunteers from our Community Police Office have also been doing additional patrols throughout the summer."

Police said it's unclear why the meat was left in the park or whether it was in any way contaminated with a dangerous substance, adding that testing may take some time.

"As this has been continuing throughout the summer, Delta Police are now taking the step of sending some of the meat samples off for analysis," said spokesperson Cris Leykauf. "We understand that many dog owners in the community are concerned about this ongoing issue."

In the meantime, Leykauf is encouraging dog owners to keep their pets on-leash in Watershed Park and to be mindful of anything their dogs might be sniffing or eating.