VANCOUVER -- After troubling allegations have been circulating on social media recently, Abbotsford police are reminding residents that crimes need to be reported to authorities too.

Over the past two weeks, the Abbotsford Police Department says they've noticed posts about attempted abductions, a so-called sex ring group and strangers allegedly attempting to get into people's cars while they're occupied. 

The problem is, police haven't received any direct reports of these incidents. 

"These types of incidents are of great concern to (police), and when appropriate, we will always advise our citizens of potential risks through official media releases and public warnings," Abbotsford police said in a news release. 

"If you have experienced or observed these types of incidents, we ask that you immediately report the event by calling 911."

Besides reporting crimes to authorities, Abbotsford police had a few additional tips for staying safe in parking lots including staying alert to people and cars nearby, keeping keys out and ready and looking around and inside vehicles before getting in. 

As well, they are reminding the public to take valuables out of their car and ensure the doors locked. 

"Many vehicle thefts occur because vehicle doors are left unlocked and keys are left in the ignition or on the seats," Abbotsford police said. 

Anyone who wants to confirm the social media posts' validity should contact Sgt. Judy Bird at 604-864-4899 or