Starting Sunday, drivers across the province will pay more for a litre of gas as the first of four annual increases to the carbon tax kicks in.

The April 1 hike will add 1.22 cents a litre to the price at the pump.

"I don't believe that British Columbians begrudge that penny a litre when they know it's going towards making sure that future generations have an environment that's sustainable and a world that we can all live in,” said Premier John Horgan.

Drives at gas stations in Vancouver, however, disagreed.

“That’s bollocks,” said one driver when told of the Premier’s comments. “That's completely ridiculous. Gas prices are some of the most expensive in the world, much less anywhere else in the country."

"It's a tough, tough situation for people that drive on a daily basis,” added another outside a gas station at Davie and Burrard streets.

Also beginning Sunday, the province will no longer return the entire carbon tax to British Columbians through tax rebates.

Some of the money collected will now be used to fund new green initiatives.

About a week after the carbon tax increase takes effect, drivers can expect yet another jump at the pumps which could push prices over an unprecedented milestone.

"In about seven or eight days we transition from winter to summer gasoline. That will add another 4 cents a litre,” said Dan McTeague of “Doesn't really matter where you are. So look at [a litre in] Vancouver being a 160.9."

If gas reaches that price, it will shatter the all-time record of $156.9 per litre which was set on March 22.