A Vancouver, B.C. mom who disappeared after allegedly abducting her nine-year-old son last week could be going by a different name, according to police. 

Authorities believe Shawana Chaudhary took off with her son, Emerson Cusworth, on Friday in violation of a court-imposed custody order.

"Emerson's father called police after he went to pick up his son Friday after school, as per his court ordered parenting time, but Emerson was not there," Sgt. Jason Robillard said.

On Monday, police revealed Chaudhary also might be using her old name, Virjinia Leeman, sometimes spelled as Virginia Leman.

Robillard said it's also possible the 34-year-old suspect changed both her and her son's appearance.

"Investigators have information to believe that Emerson's appearance could have changed and his hair may have been dyed," Robillard told reporters.

Over the weekend, the search for the missing boy led police to break down the door of Chaudhary's west side home. Neighbours said more than a dozen officers showed up at the house midday Saturday with a battering ram.

Chaudhary and her son both remain missing, however, and the front door of the home has since been boarded up.

Police have said she might be travelling with Emerson, her six-year-old daughter and up to two dogs. The three of them were last seen together Friday morning.

Fortunately, authorities said there is no indication either of Chaudhary's children is in imminent danger. Investigators do believe it's possible their mother has plans to keep them away from home for an "extended period," however.

Chaudhary is described as 5-8 tall and about 106 lbs. with dark hair and dark eyes. Cusworth is about 55 lbs. with short, black hair and dark eyes. Police described both of them as appearing South Asian.

Anyone who sees the family or has information about Chaudhary's potential travel plans is asked to call 911, the Vancouver Police Department or Crime Stoppers.