Police have managed to arrest a man who allegedly barricaded himself inside a North Vancouver home and threatened to open fire on officers overnight. 

The 44-year-old was holed up in his parents' house on Dovercourt Road, which caught fire on Friday and was deemed uninhabitable.

"(He) stated that he would not leave the home and verbally threatened to shoot the police," Cpl. Richard De Jong said in a news release.

The suspect, who is known to police, was locked in the house for about five hours before authorities were able to coax him out early Monday morning.

Heavily armed members of the Emergency Response Team surrounded the property early in the morning and authorities negotiated with the suspect through a loudspeaker. At one point officers deployed a flashbang, sending a loud pop through the residential area.

Though officers allege he threatened to shoot them during the tense standoff, De Jong said there did not appear to be any weapons in the home after he gave himself up.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in court Monday on various charges.

On Friday, North Vancouver firefighters were called to the same house after heavy smoke was seen billowing from the back of the property. An elderly couple was treated for smoke inhalation.

It's unclear if the two events are in any way connected.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Nafeesa Karim