Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau is expected to visit the site of a diesel spill near Bella Bella today.

But the area's Heiltsuk First Nation says that's not enough, and are calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tour the site as well.

Heiltsuk incident commander Jess Housty says in order to make effective changes from Ottawa, the spill needs to be seen first hand.

The diesel spill came from a tugboat that ran aground and sank along B.C.'s central coast last month.

Exactly how much fuel was released into the water has not yet been determined, but the Nathan E. Stewart had more than 220,000 litres on board when it went down, and less than 105,000 litres have been recovered.

Bella Bella fuel spill

Members of the Heiltsuk Nation say dead seals and otters have been found in the area since the tug sank, along with a number of oiled birds.