DELTA - Putting up Christmas decorations early can be controversial – especially if they go up before Remembrance Day.

It’s also big business for those who do it professionally. Ryan Lermitte, owner of Knight Lights, says he is slammed and has been busy since early September.

“It’s a short window of time to have them installed prior to the party season at the beginning of December,” said Lermitte.

Businesses are also ready for the season, with displays pushing Christmas decorations and other holiday items.

In Ladner, blocks down from the Royal Canadian Legion, a Christmas tree is ready to go. It’s a move that legion president Gerald Bramhill says sparked a reaction.

“There are people who are opposed to it," Bramhill said. "They just think it’s a little too early."

How early is too early? The answer depends on who you ask.

“If you are going to complain about Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day, then what about what people are doing on Remembrance Day? Why not criticize those that don’t go to the parades?” said Kelly Whiteway.

Another passerby noticed the decorated tree and said he is against it.

“Definitely onboard with the argument that it would be more respectful to put Christmas decorations up after Remembrance Day,” said Sam Clair.

Kenneth Wells, a former sailor with the Canadian Navy who served in the Second World War agrees. He says Christmas decorations should wait.

"To me, it’s a no brainer," Wells said. "Remembrance Day should be celebrated on its own without the effect of any other holiday season whatsoever."

But Remembrance Day is, itself, a response to that argument, Bramhill said.

“A lot of people paid a big price for us to have our freedom and I would think as a result of that of course people will do what they want to do,” he said.

Bramhill says it comes down to a matter of opinion and those who want to decorate early can do so. As long as they still take the time to pay tribute to those who served on Remembrance Day.

“We are free to do what we wish to do, bottom line,” he said.