The BC SPCA is executing warrants at a property in Langley exactly six months after a massive animal seizure at the same residence.

Officials provided few details, but confirmed Monday afternoon that they were executing a warrant on 216th Street. They would not say what prompted the warrants, nor would they say what type of animals were living at the property.

While officials could not confirm any information, video from the scene showed at least two dogs being loaded into BC SPCA vehicles. Police were also at the scene while the warrants were executed.

Sandy Simans, who runs 1atatime Rescue Society through the home, spoke to media briefly during the seizure. She said a greyhound that was seized had seen a vet recently and was evaluated as being a "completely healthy dog." She said she'd called the vet while the BC SPCA was at her home, and the vet had confirmed that the dog was healthy, but that the SPCA officials said he had skin problems.

"This is harassment. It's harassment," she said.

She did not provide an exact number of animals seized on Monday, but said four cats were seized in addition to the greyhound. Simans said the BC SPCA told her the ammonia level was too high in the room where she kept the cats.

Her friend said they'd also taken a rabbit with a dislocated leg, who Simans said had been to the vet recently and was "not in distress." She's worried it will be euthanized.

The BC SPCA seized 88 animals from her property in September, in a case Simans said she's fighting in court. She said the animals seized in September were healthy, but the BC SPCA said they were in need of immediate care. The 45 dogs, 24 farm animals and 18 cats met the definition of distress under the Cruelty to Animals Act, including being malnourished, emaciated and some suffering severe periodontal disease and other medical issues, according to the BC SPCA.

Simans said she's only trying to help aging and discarded animals, and that she takes in animals that no one else wants.

She said she thinks the BC SPCA's conduct is in need of review, and said the animals seized Monday were all "completely healthy."